Moscow residents study Kazakh language

“Moscow in Kazakh” video blog by Moscow residents Anastasia Reshetnikova and Yelizaveta Osipova is becoming more and more popular online. The girls share various stories in Kazakh language and hold interviews with famous Kazakhs living in Moscow.

We thought why not make it a part of our project. We recorded the first episode with Alibek Almadiyev, soloist of the Turetsky Choir Art Group. Then we thought why not continue. We managed to record an episode with Gulnaz Balpeisova. Of course, it would be very interesting to record an interview with musician Imanbek, director of music videos Aisultan Seitov and the famous rapper, musician and producer Skryptonite,” said Anastasia Reshetnikova, Co-Author of “Moscow In Kazakh” project.

The girls first heard Kazakh language at the university. They knew little about Kazakhstan. They reached the everyday level of language skills in two months, and in four years they managed to master the language almost perfectly, without immersion in a full-fledged language environment.

“We try to speak Kazakh with Kazakhs and read more books in Kazakh. I’m reading “Harry Potter” right now. Kazakh is very rich and melodic language,” shared Yelizaveta Osipova, Co-Author of “Moscow In Kazakh” project.

“I keep studying Kazakh. Of course, sometimes I make mistakes. I think that people shouldn't be afraid to learn foreign languages,” said Reshetnikova.