Agro-tourism experts make optimistic forecasts

Kazakhstan will be able to earn up to 10 billion tenge (US$23.1 million) per year on agro-tourism in five years, involving nearly one billion tenge (US$2.3 million) at the expense of foreign tourists, opined the industry’s experts. They noted that if the world has been receiving travelers in villages for a long time, then for our country this is a fairly new tourist destination. The domestic company “Kazakh Tourism” together with the Kazakhstan Association of Agro and Rural Tourism decided to lay the first steps towards the development of agro-tourism. They organized an information tour for journalists to a village located just 100 kilometers from the capital.


“Agrotour is designed to connect urban and rural residents. Show city dwellers how to live in the countryside, to produce certain products, honey or sour cream or something else and thereby organize an additional stream of people who will come to buy products of rural residents and give them the opportunity to earn on this,” said Daniel Serzhanuly, Director of the Tourism Products Development Department in Kazakh Tourism Company.

Currently, agro and rural tourism in Kazakhstan is still at the initial level of development. Experts said that there is a lot of work to be done, including the need to form a sustainable tourist product and territorial tourism brands, to establish independent coordination of the work of rural residents to receive tourists and hold events. It is also necessary to develop communications and channels for promoting this destination.



“We have a systematic method of work, we have developed our own strategy for five years, so we still have to keep working. I think that we are still at the first stage of the agitation for the development of agro-tourism. In the future we still have to travel around, teach, and raise the level of competence,” said Khalida Tulegenova, President of Kazakhstan Association Of Agro And Rural Tourism.