Stockholm holds lecture dedicated to Al-Farabi’s 1150th anniversary

Stockholm holds lecture dedicated to Al-Farabi’s 1150th anniversary

A lecture on the topic of “Ancient Turkic language and writing” dedicated to the 1150th anniversary of the outstanding philosopher Al-Farabi was delivered by Professor of the Swedish Uppsala University László Károly at the Embassy of Kazakhstan.

The lecture was mainly attended by Swedish and Kazakh youth in the Scandinavian country. Students had the opportunity to enrich their knowledge of ancient Turkic history and culture as well as the peculiarities of the language and writing of the Turkic peoples. During the lecture, they touched upon the issues of Turkic foundations of the philosophy of Al-Farabi. They discussed the prospects for deepening interaction between European researchers of the Turkic world through the unique opportunities provided by the Cooperation Council of Turkic-Speaking states and the Turkic Academy in Nur-Sultan.

The event was organized by the Honorary Consul of Kazakhstan, PhD Vadim Kessler and the Kazakh Youth Association in Sweden.

László Károly is the internationally recognized expert in the field of ancient Turkic runic inscriptions. He worked at well-known research centers in Hungary and Germany. He wrote five books and more than 30 scientific publications.