Kazakh tourism industry to grow and attract more investments by 2025

Kazakh tourism industry to grow and attract more investments by 2025

Nearly half a million people are engaged in the tourism industry of Kazakhstan. Their number is expected to increase 1.5 times in the next five years. Kazakh tourism industry has room for improvement, that’s why the volume of attracted investments is growing from year to year. Last year alone, the amount of investments reached 469.5 billion tenge (over US$1 billion), which is more than a half more than it was planned. It has grown by almost 3.5 times over the last ten years.

“An intense work is underway on providing necessary engineering infrastructure to attract private investments and improve availability of tourist destinations. The Government together with governors’ offices of regions provided funding from the state budget for 45 projects worth 51 billion tenge (US$118.9 million). Over the last years, the infrastructure in certain tourist zones has never been funded at such a priority and large-scale level,” said Dastan Ryspekov, Chairperson of Tourism Industry Committee of Kazakh Ministry of Culture and Sports.

The expert informed that the number of foreign nationals visiting the country reached 8.5 million last year, which is 9 percent more that it was planned. This was achieved, first of all, due to the expansion of the list of countries for visa-free travel and the introduction of the electronic portal E-visa. The speaker said that the development of domestic tourism showed that the plan was exceeded by almost 40 percent and the number of tourists reached 6.6 million.

“Various world rankings showed a positive dynamic at the end of 2019. In the rating of the World Economic Forum for the development of tourism infrastructure, Kazakhstan took 90th place, having risen from 97th. In terms of marketing and branding efficiency, Kazakhstan took 99th place, rising from 102nd. According to the British Backpacker Society, Kazakhstan entered the rating (4 out of 10) of countries for adventure tourism for the next ten years. According to the International Congress and Convention Association, Kazakhstan is in 79th place in the development of MICE tourism, having improved its indicator by 20 positions and is ahead of its closest neighbors in the CIS. The United Nations World Tourism Organization included Kazakhstan in the top 20 countries with the fastest growing tourism industry,” noted Kazakh Ministry of Culture and Sports.

In total, taking into account offers of regional project offices and initiators, 150 investment projects worth nearly 1.7 trillion tenge (more than US$3.9 billion) in tourism field are planned to be implemented by 2025. Over the next five years, the country’s tourism industry plans to create 170,000 workplaces and attract to Kazakhstan’s economy additional budget revenues totaling over 135 billion tenge (US$314.7 million) as well as implement more than a thousand of investment projects.


Photo:  tengritravel.kz