Kazakhstan needs to restrict flights with other countries, Alexey Tsoy says

Kazakhstan needs to restrict flights with other countries, Alexey Tsoy says

Kazakh Health Minister Alexey Tsoy offered to restrict international flights and suspend the resumption of additional flights with other countries. During the Government’s meeting, he highlighted that such measures are necessary to stop the coronavirus spread in Kazakhstan.

“Given that the situation is deteriorating in foreign countries, starting October 5 I offer to suspend the resumption of additional flights with other countries, not to increase the number of flights with countries with which flights have been resumed and to reduce the number of flights to Turkey to prevent the introduction and spread of the infection,” commented the minister.

The Health Ministry offered to set up mandatory rules for those arriving from countries with high risk of infection, with which flights have been resumed. These are thermometry, questionnaires, the presence of new COVID-19 testing result. In the absence of the testing, you will have to stay in quarantine for two days in a hospital until the test result is ready. Alexey Tsoy offered to apply the same requirements to people entering the country through border checkpoints.

He also reported that to date, the country’s population is completely provided with medications. Urgent measures for a possible growth of the virus spread were taken not to make mistakes of the past. Regions sent applications for additional medicines worth 14 billion tenge (US$32.6 million).

“The regions declared an additional need for 91 medicines in the amount of 14 billion tenge. A two-month stock of medicines against COVID-19 (irreducible stock) for 11.4 billion tenge (US$26.5 million) has been formed, 82 percent have already been shipped. In all regions, stabilization funds totaling about 13 billion tenge (US$30.3 million) have been created for the most popular medicines,” said Alexey Tsoy.

The minister informed that one million people will be provided with free medicines by the end of the year to treat coronavirus at home. It is planned to complete the construction of 13 modular infectious diseases hospitals with 3,100 beds by the end of October.

“Currently, there are 3,379 ventilators available in infectious and provisional hospitals and another 2,619 units are being purchased, including 1,500 domestically produced devices. More than 21,000 beds in Kazakhstan are provided with oxygen, more than 9,000 beds will be provided by the end of October,” the minister noted.

He also reported that in order to meet the needs of Kazakh citizens for coronavirus vaccine, risk groups, who will receive vaccinations free of charge, have been identified. According to preliminary data, the number of people in this category is 2.8 million. This is 15 percent of the total population.


Photo:  informburo.kz