Minister of Information sums up work of National Council of Public Trust

Minister of Information sums up work of National Council of Public Trust

The National Council of Public Trust (Council) demonstrated and proved that there are no restrictions on freedom of thought and pluralism of opinions in Kazakh society. This was emphasized by Kazakh Minister of Information and Social Development Aida Balayeva in the sixth episode of the program ‘Three Questions to Balayeva’ available on the Youtube channel of the TV and Radio Complex of the President of Kazakhstan. She spoke about the work of the Council, which had been in operation for over a year now, and shared her thoughts on its future tasks.

Balayeva said that the main achievement of the work of the Council was the political reforms package. Progressive documents on further democratization were developed. Among them are the new law ‘On the procedure of organizing and holding peaceful assemblies in the Republic of Kazakhstan’, amendments to the laws ‘On political parties’, ‘On elections’, ‘On the Parliament of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the status of its members,’, as well as the new law ‘On veterans’. It was also decided to develop a unified register of external debt. In addition, quotas for attracting foreign labor were revised.

Balayeva added that a project for space monitoring of the environment has been implemented. It will allow more efficient use of agricultural land. She also noted that seven million hectares of unused pastures were returned to state ownership.

Balayeva stated that the Council will continue its work adhering to the concept of the responsive government. Tackling a set of the most pressing issues in society lies ahead. Not a single sphere of life will be left out.