Abai’s “Words of Edification” get translated into Uzbek

Abai’s “Words of Edification” get translated into Uzbek

Abai’s “Words of Edification” were published in Uzbek language. The book’s presentation dedicated to the 175th anniversary of the great Kazakh poet took place in Tashkent. The philosopher’s precepts were translated by PhD in pedagogy Kozokboy Yuldoshev. The process took six months.

“The opinions, serious judgments of Abai and his every word will resonate in the hearts of descendants. Whether Kazakh, Uzbek or Russian, the heritage of the great poet is an eternal testament to us. That is why we translated the “Words of Edification” into Uzbek. Actually, it was very difficult to convey Abai's philosophical views in Uzbek. But we tried to translate the book as understandable as possible,” said the Professor Kozokboy Yuldoshev.

“Nasyl Fazylov translated Abai's “Words of Edification” into Uzbek language for the first time about 80 years ago. There were many words in Farsi and Arabic. This time, the translator Kozokboy Yuldoshev tried to bring the languages closer together,” said Ruslan Duisenov, Counselor of Kazakh Embassy to Uzbekistan.

The work of Abai Kunanbaiuly was published with the support of the Kazakh Embassy to Uzbekistan and the International Turkic Academy.



Photo: 24.kz