Uzbekistan and Turkey name various locales after Abai Kunanbaiuly

Uzbekistan and Turkey name various locales after Abai Kunanbaiuly

There is Abai village located 60 kilometers from Tashkent, the capital of Uzbekistan. This settlement was renamed in honor of the 150th anniversary of the great Kazakh poet back in 1994. Its residents are proud that the village where they live is named after Abai. They raise and educate the younger generation to be worthy of the name of a famous philosopher. At least 2,500 Kazakhs live there. This makes approximately 60 percent of the local population. They can study there in their native language, as well as adhere and cherish their traditions.

“Since 2018 was declared the Year of Kazakhstan in Uzbekistan, President Shavkat Mirziyoyev named our school after Abai. Since then we have been called the school №16 named after Abai Kunanbaiuly. 405 schoolchildren study there, half of them are taught in Uzbek and 205 children study in Kazakh,” said Principal of the Abai Kunanbaiuly School №16 Lola Zhuzbayeva.

Events dedicated to the 175th birth anniversary of the Kazakh poet continue in Turkey. In particular, one of the avenues of Istanbul in the Zeytinburnu district will be named after Abai. This was achieved by the efforts of Kazakh Embassy in Turkey and Kazakh Consulate General in Istanbul.

Streets and squares are named in honor of the Kazakh poet in different cities of Turkey, and the bust of Abai is installed. The name of Abai is also carried by one of the schools in Istanbul.