Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan mutually translate their famous works

Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan mutually translate their famous works

Books that will become a treasure for Turkic peoples were presented in Kazakhstan’s capital. One of them is a newly printed translation of the famous Epic of Manas into Kazakh language with over 65 copies, each of which has almost 500 pages. Those with the description of the life of Kazakh tribes and their heroes are especially interesting. The first one to present the epic to Kazakhs was Shokan Ualikhanov, who has been writing down excerpts from the work and translating most of them into Russian language as well. The tradition was continued by Mukhtar Auezov and Alkei Margulan. Few people nowadays know by heart the traditional epics of Kyrgyz people. Kazakh writer Bayangali Alimzhanov is one of those manaschy, the Manas expert who has been studying these materials for many years. He is the author of the translation, which is adapted for today’s version of Kazakh language. The Epic of Manas had not been published for about 60 years, which made the book a rarity. It can be found in few places.

“The Epic of Manas was translated by great Kazakh poets back in the 60s of the last century based on the materials of Mukhtar Auezov. Now the book is a rarity. Moreover, it is quite big. Therefore, I had the idea to make a more concise translation without changing the content of the epic and conveying all the artistic colors of the work. I wrote it in 67 days,” said Bayangali Alimzhanov.

Another book put before the public on the presentation is an academic textbook of Abai Kunanbaiuly’s works in Kyrgyz language. The translations were made back in 1930-1940. The book dedicated to the 175th anniversary of the great philosopher was published on the initiative of the International Turkic Academy.

“Selected collections of Abai were published in Bishkek. They will be donated to libraries, spiritual centers and intelligentsia of Kyrgyzstan. We will distribute it among Kazakh readers, since the Epic of Manas was published in Kazakh language in Nur-Sultan,” said President of the Turkic Academy Darkhan Kydyrali.

During the meeting of Academic council of the Turkic Academy in Baku this year, celebration of the 1125th anniversary of the Epic of Manas and 175th anniversary of Abai Kunanbaiuly was approved. These dates were involved in the list of important dates for the Turkic world in 2020.


Photo: aikyn.kz