How does school for volunteers in Nur-Sultan work?

How does school for volunteers in Nur-Sultan work?

First aid training, psychological training and masterclasses on personal development - a special school for volunteers in the Kazakh capital of Nur-Sultan is designed to teach the skills that are necessary for volunteer work. More than a thousand young people are trained there every year free of charge. Currently, the list of volunteers at Astana Zhastary Municipal Public Institution includes nearly 2,000 people. Those who wish to become volunteers must undergo a three-stage training program.

“First, students must complete an introductory course. It teaches how to administer first aid and conducts various psychological training. That is, a general training,” said Chingiz Tleulin, Head of Astana Zhastary of Nur-Sultan’s mayoral office.)

Next comes the so-called specialization stage. Volunteers are divided by specializations.

“Those wishing to participate in an emergency assistance undergo training with specialists and attend training sessions. Training is also provided for international volunteers and social volunteers. Then there are practical lessons that take place directly during the volunteer campaigns,” Tleulin explained.

2020 has been declared the Year of the Volunteer in Kazakhstan. Since the establishment of the organization in 2014, nearly 2,500 people have undergone the training program. Volunteers helped restore the town of Arys, delivered aid to those in need, distributed masks, and participated in international events that were held in the Kazakh capital. It is planned to train nearly 300 volunteers in total this year.