Small grants competition to support volunteer initiatives launches in Nur-Sultan

Small grants competition to support volunteer initiatives launches in Nur-Sultan

A competition for small grants to support volunteer initiatives has started in the Kazakh capital. According to the website of Nur-Sultan’s mayoral office, the competition will select 22 winners who will receive 300,000 tenge (US$704) each. 

“Individuals from 14 to 29 years old, initiative groups and members of non-governmental organizations of Nur-Sultan are allowed to participate in the competition. If an application is submitted individually, the applicant must be over 14 years of age. In case of collective application, the group leader and participants must be between ages 14 and 29. The leader must submit an application for participation indicating all members of the team,” the mayoral office said. 

Projects will be accepted in following areas:
-environmental education
-teaching schoolchildren, students and social groups
-support for children in orphanages and people in nursing homes, people with disabilities
-preservation and development of cultural and historical heritage, restoration and preservation of historical monuments, cultural and memorial complexes
-protection of rights and prevention of natural and man-made emergencies
-innovative projects
-scientific discoveries
-computer programming
-projects for organizing expeditions and excursions
-socio-cultural and sports projects
-creative and charity events
-medical projects implemented during the quarantine period
-projects related to literature and language
-projects to promote youth activity.

According to Nur-Sultan’s mayoral office, the volunteer initiative must be implemented within two months from the date of the signing of the agreement. The grants should not be used as payment for labor, office space and other administrative expenses. Grant recipients can use the money to pay for various consumables (equipment, tools, equipment rental, etc.).

Applications for participation in the competition will be accepted until September 25. They can be sent to email The selection of grantees will take place until September 30. You can find out about the end of the competition on the official website of the organizers, as well as on Instagram accounts @ADYRNA.KZ or @NS_JASTARY.