Selection process for Bolashak International Scholarship is revised

Selection process for Bolashak International Scholarship is revised

From now on, it is possible to compete for the award of the Bolashak International Scholarship without leaving the house - the platform has been fully automated and has become unified. The already successfully proven selection system for the Presidential Youth Staff Reserve was taken as an example. According to Kazakh Ministry of Education and Science, document submission takes place on, the electronic government web portal. It is difficult to get confused - the scholarship applicant’s path is digitized, each applicant has his own unique code, and personal data is encoded using a special identification system. 

The first selection round, as before, will be a comprehensive exam. However, it has been qualitatively changed. In accordance with the basic requirement for applicants for independent admission to a foreign university, it is no longer necessary to test the subject knowledge. The comprehensive testing will take place online. The task of the examiners is to determine the ability of applicants to process and analyze new information in a short time, as well as assess their personal characteristics. 

It is impossible to cheat during the online exam. The proctoring system used on the online platform does not allow applicants to leave the work page, navigate to other tabs, or, for example, open new windows during testing. Otherwise, the system simply blocks the applicant and nullifies the results. 

The second selection round, which is a personal interview with members of the independent expert commission, is also held online. Experts can ask the applicant questions. This helps them identify the applicant and immediately evaluate him against the given criteria. 

“Expert estimates are available only to the system. Each expert can see only his own individual assessment of the scholarship applicant. It is important to note that the entire process of competitive selection is video recorded. Thus, the online format and the automation of the process allow not only to improve the quality of the competitive selection of applicants for the international scholarship ‘Bolashak’, but also to make the whole selection system transparent, accessible, convenient and mobile,” the relevant department said. 

The final decision will be made by the national commission for training personnel abroad, which will be based on the results of the two rounds of competitive selection. 114 scholarship applicants participated in the first round of competitive selection from 4 to 9 September.