Bust of Abai appears in Romanian capital

Bust of Abai appears in Romanian capital
The grand opening of the bust of Abai Kunanbaiuly took place in the center of Bucharest. The event was dedicated to the 175th anniversary of the great Kazakh poet. The monument was erected in the park next to the House of the Free Press, one of the tallest buildings in the Romanian capital.
Kazakh Ambassador to Romania Nurbakh Rustemov said that the opening of the bust is a clear example of mutual respect for the peoples of the two countries, the upbringing of a new generation with knowledge of the history of Kazakhstan and Romania.
“Adherence to European culture was one of the aspirations of the reformer of Kazakh culture Abai Kunanbaiuly. His great legacy managed to synthesize the cultures of the East and the West,” he noted.
Former President of Romania Emil Constantinescu and Vice-Speaker of the Chamber of Deputies of the Romanian Parliament, Chairperson of the inter-parliamentary friendship group “Kazakhstan-Romania” Florin Iordache emphasized that the establishment of the bust of the world level poet becomes a new historical milestone in the life of Bucharest, and is also a tribute to Kazakh people for their contribution to world culture.
During the event, famous linguist Antoaneta Olteanu presented “Words of Edification” translated into Romanian and spoke about the educator’s biography. The celebration was decorated by an exposition of an artist Alua Tebenova, whose works convey peculiarities of the national Kazakh identity.
​Photo: kazpravda.kz