Kazakh Senate approves in first reading bill on specially protected natural areas

Kazakh Senate approves in first reading bill on specially protected natural areas

Members of the Senate, the Upper House of the Kazakh Parliament, approved in the first reading the draft law ‘On amendments and additions to certain legislative acts of Kazakhstan on the issues of specially protected natural areas’. The bill is aimed at protecting and preserving natural sites and objects of the nature reserve fund, which have special environmental, scientific, historical, cultural and recreational value. 

“The main goal of the development of the bill is to simplify the procedure for returning the status of specially protected natural territories to reserve lands that were previously withdrawn from this category for construction of tourism facilities, water management facilities, arrangement and operation of state border facilities and defense needs, but not used for these purposes. It became necessary to return certain areas of the Burabai National Nature Park and Ile-Alatau National Park, which were once allocated for construction,” said a member of Kazakhstan’s Senate Abdaly Nuraliyev. 

The adoption of this bill should contribute to the resolution of the issue of privatization of national parks. It was this problem that caused a flurry of emotions and a wave of disturbance among Kazakh residents. In addition, the draft bill opens up new opportunities for the development of ecotourism.

“In our opinion, regulations approved by the government should provide for the establishment of a land acceptance commission, conducting special surveys to determine their condition, and also develop a forest management project,” Nuraliyev said.

The Senate Chairman Maulen Ashimbayev said that the Head of State emphasized the importance of establishing legal framework for the protection of citizens’ rights, development of local self-government, strengthening of public control and enhancement of the role of public councils. 

“We have a lot of work to do. Let’s work hard to ensure that all this is done in a timely manner. Each bill must be considered in the national interest and from a regional development perspective. This is the task facing the members of the Senate,” Ashimbayev concluded. 


Photo: borovoe.kz