Project to strengthen family institution launches in Nur-Sultan

Project to strengthen family institution launches in Nur-Sultan

The Kazakh capital of Nur-Sultan has taken up the development of the institution of family seriously. A new project to strengthen marriage ‘Otbasy - bakyt mekeni’ (Family is a place of happiness) was launched with the support of the Nur-Sultan’s mayoral office. In the next three years, young couples will be taught how to build relationships the right way. The authors of the idea shared that they plan to reach thousands of people by 2023. This project is intended not only for married couples, but also for people who are single. People still studying in vocational education institutions and universities and not planning to get married yet are also included. 

“We will invite qualified professionals in the field of youth, gender and family policy. In addition, representatives of exemplary families will share their values. Children’s rights representatives and narrow specialists in planning and raising children will also be involved,” the website of Nur-Sultan’s mayoral office informed.

The project participants will have an extensive program, including seminars, online training for young families, contests, extracurricular activities, training for young mothers and even family marathons. 

“We are already starting a competition for the best young family, and simultaneously there will also be a competition for the best video promoting family values. Sports marathons are also starting. Special training seminars for young families are launching in September. For mothers, we are going to run a variety of online courses. For example, well-known chefs will be sharing their skills with them,” said Nurzhan Parmanov, the project curator and representative of the Youth Policy Department of Nur-Sultan.

The participation in the project is absolutely free of charge. Moreover, prizes were prepared for winners of competitions and active participants. The organizers said that the prize fund is four million tenge (US$9,434).