Reconstruction of Tekturmas ethno-historical complex is underway in Taraz

Reconstruction of Tekturmas ethno-historical complex is underway in Taraz

Reconstruction work of Tekturmas complex in Zhambyl region is underway. The project initiators want to help preserve the historical heritage of the culture and attract more tourists in the region. At the moment, a 13-meter Auliye-ata – Karakhan monument and a 10-meter Lauha scepter have already been established there. A grandiose staircase, which leads to the observation platforms, has also become a decoration of Taraz. There are other architectural elements as well, such as 14 monuments in the form of khan tents with the names of the rulers.

The second stage of the complex modernization is coming. It is planned to renovate an old fortress, where models of historical buildings of the region will be located along the alley. An embankment, an artificial waterfall and business facilities will also be built there. All of them will be located on the banks of the Talas River. Governor of Zhambyl region Berdibek Saparbayev reviewed the large-scale construction works. He said that the object is aimed at increasing the region’s attractiveness for local and foreign tourists.

“The ethno-historical complex managed to bring to life a unique architectural idea. Each object here reflects the culture of ancient Taraz. Architects must think over all the details and recreate the picture of those times, so that residents can take a historical tour into the past. The complex must also meet modern technical requirements, it is necessary to create comfortable conditions for visitors”, he added.

A panoramic battle panel dedicated to the battles of Atlakh and Anyrakai should also generate interest of many tourists. This project is currently being worked out.