New school year starts in Kazakhstan

New school year starts in Kazakhstan

No traditional school assemblies, no classmates seating near at the desk, no fun during breaks in hallways. Unfortunately, school students in Kazakhstan were left without these things this year. More than 350,000 children started their first experince at school this academic year, while over one million children study in elementary school. Of those, 60 percent have started the year in duty classes.

“There are 15 people in each classroom, schools observe with all sanitary rules, procuring sanitizers, while parents give their kids masks and gloves. The distance between desks with one child per each desk is maintained. The duty classes study basic subjects of the primary education, lessons last for 40 minutes in accordance with the state standard. For the first graders lessons will last in a stepwise mode, breaks are given for each class separately. The multiple classroom system is cancelled, students sit in their classroom. Each class has its teacher in primary school subjects,” said Alma Mukhamedzhanova, director of the Centre of Trilingual Education.

A six-year-old resident of Nur-Sultan, Arsen Tolegen, wore a white shirt, a suit, took flowers and an irreplaceable attribute of this year – mask, and met his first teacher. Despite the fact that the traditional assembly with the first bell was cancelled, the first grader was pleased. 

“I really liked the school. I already met and made friends with boys and girls from the class. I really like to study, I want to go back to school as soon as possible”, said Arsen Tolegen, student of the first grade of the capital’s school-gymnasium No. 32.

His mom Aigul Sadvakasova noted that lessons will be conducted online once a week.

“My son went to the first grade this year. We joined the duty class. Arsen will go to school on Monday and Tuesday. On Wednesday we will have distance classes at home and he will go back to school on Thursday and Friday,” said the mother of the 6-year-old Arsen.

Gaukhar Mauina, a student of the 8th grade of school No.75 in Nur-Sultan, also shared her impressions of distance learning.

“I’m fine with everything, I have extra time after school now, but sometimes I want to go to school because I want to see my classmates,” said the schoolgirl.

School students in Kazakhstan can also gain knowledge via educational websites and TV lessons, which started broadcasting on channels “Balapan” and “El Arna” yesterday.

“The first day of lessons went according to the plan. All lessons came out as scheduled. Reviews, comments and suggestions are received via social media. The TV lesson was not filmed by the channel, we only broadcast them. The TV lessons were made in good quality; the channel prepared everything for the launch of the lessons. The process of launching a sign language interpreter on the air was worked out as well. All employees are involved in working with the TV lessons. Someone is watching them, someone is filming a live broadcast with a sign language interpreter, someone is preparing cross-curriculum content,” said Kamila Kamnazarova, Chief Editor of the El Arna TV channel.

Overall, a little more than 3.3 million school students study in the country.