First eco-mosque opens soon in Nur-Sultan

First eco-mosque opens soon in Nur-Sultan

The first and so far the only eco-mosque in Kazakhstan will be opened very soon. The “God’s Flower” as people call it, differs from other religious buildings in the country not only in its architectural form, but also in that it uses modern “green” technologies. For the mosque, energy is generated by solar panels installed there. They can reduce utility costs and greatly facilitate the maintenance of the mosque.

“We cover the needs of the mosque for electricity completely - for maintenance, lighting of the territory - and transfer what remains to “Astanaenergosbyt” LLP by agreement. They sell this energy to the houses located around us. I would like more facilities and more mosques to use such equipment,” said Chief Imam of the mosque Yryskeldi Kazhy Yakhiya Kazhy Abdullauly.

The mosque will be opened for all parishioners, but restrictions on the mass events and Friday prayers still remain.