Eco-parks and visitor centers to be created in two regions of Kazakhstan

Eco-parks and visitor centers to be created in two regions of Kazakhstan

Two visitor centers for tourists will be built in Mangystau region in the next two years. Camping sites, navigational hiking trails with observation platforms, tent camps, guest houses and ethnic villages will be established there. Creating such conditions will contribute to the promotion of the rich heritage of the region among both Kazakh citizens and foreign nationals. This became known during a two-day meeting on the development of the industry in Aktau, which was attended by representatives of Kazakh Ministry of Culture and Sports, local administration and “Kazakh Tourism” company.

“Mangystau is distinguished by a variety of interesting historical and cultural sites, landscapes, pilgrimage sites, strong adherence to customs and traditions. The region’s location is also unique, we border across the Caspian Sea with five foreign states at once, and this is a multimillion potential market. That is why the region has been striving to maximize its tourism potential in recent years. We are open to suggestions,” said Deputy Governor of the region Galymzhan Niyazov.

The meeting participants said that Mangystau has great potential for attracting investments in tourism industry. For this purpose, it is important to provide the objects popular among travelers with the necessary engineering, communication and transport infrastructure. The construction of eight objects and 12 sanitary facilities is already being completed in the region. The construction of another ten infrastructure facilities is planned in stages.

“As part of the development of tourism in the region, 144 million tenge (US$343,420) was allocated from the state budget for the construction of 12 sanitary facilities. Regional mayoral office decided to place them in three districts of the region such as Mangystau, Karakiya and Tupkaragan. Suppliers have already been selected; the construction has been already completed by 95 percent, we plan to finish it by the end of September. Next year, signposts will be installed to make it easy for tourists to get to tourist attractions. At the same time in Aktau, we plan to place information at bus stops about the best tourist places in the region,” said Tilegen Yedigeyev, spokesperson of Investment and Tourism Development Department of Mangystau Region.

Meantime, the Department of Architecture, Urban Planning and Land Relations of Nur-Sultan told about the plans to build two ecological parks in the capital. One of them will be near Lake Taldykol, with a total area of ​​5,700 hectares, in the southwestern part of the city. It is planned to build viewing platforms and exclusive educational centers for future biologists and ornithologists along the park. Experts said that the creation of such a natural park will make it possible to preserve the natural habitat of animals and rare birds from the Red Book. An equally attractive place will be the second eco-park of Lake Maibalyk, its land area will be 400 hectares, while water bodies’ area – almost 120 hectares. Artificial reservoirs for fishing, specially protected coastal zones, walking and bicycle paths, zones for active sports and grounds for maintaining the unique ecosystem of the territory will be installed here. It is planned to create ecological routes and trails that will introduce tourists to biological diversity.

“Today the city is developing as part of the Nur-Sultan Comfortable City master plan. One of the tasks of this document is to create centers of attraction for the comfort and convenience of citizens and tourists of the capital and the development of domestic tourism. This kind of eco-parks fit into the project of mass afforestation around Nur-Sultan and, of course, can become a favorite place for vacationers. The concept of the project is to create a certain protected area with all the biodiversity and scenic views. It is planned to develop ecotourism with the creation of horse routes. For these purposes, special paths will be created for the visitors of the park,” said Nurlan Urankhaev, Head of Department of Architecture, Urban Planning and Land Relations of Nur-Sultan.