Kazakhstan to commemorate 25th anniversary of its Constitution on August 30

Kazakhstan to commemorate 25th anniversary of its Constitution on August 30

The day after tomorrow Kazakhstan will celebrate a special date – the Constitution Day. It was on August 30, 1995, exactly 25 years ago, that the present Constitution, the most important document of the Republic of Kazakhstan, was adopted. Since then, this date has been celebrated in the country as a national holiday. The Constitution has been adopted twice in the history of independent Kazakhstan. It has the highest legal force and reflects the will of the people of Kazakhstan. Every Kazakh resident knowns about the significance of the fundamental law.

“The Constitution is a symbol of freedom, equality and unity in our society. In the context of the current pandemic, which shook the whole world, our society has demonstrated the importance of the historical and cultural heritage and showed the unity of all the people of Kazakhstan, proved that the rights and freedoms of citizens are not just mere words, but the highest values of a sovereign state. Congratulations to all Kazakh citizens on this most important holiday for the whole country!” a lawyer Yelnura Yeshengeldiyeva said.  

The Constitution Day is a personal holiday for every Kazakh who considers himself a patriot of his country. Despite the fact that the novel coronavirus has adjusted the plans of the population, the holiday festivities in Kazakhstan will still take place. They will be held online. For example, there will be an online installation ‘The Constitution is the basis of Independence’ at the Central Library. On August 30, the Zhastar Theater will present an online concert ‘Aibarly askar yeldi askaktatar Ata Zan’ (The Constitution glorifies a great country) on social media. The actors of the Nomad Theater will perform online to congratulate Kazakh citizens on this holiday. Numerous virtual exhibitions will also take place throughout the country to mark the Constitution Day of the Republic of Kazakhstan.


Photo: zakon.kz