Teachers in Kazakhstan to be paid extra for working overtime with duty groups

Teachers in Kazakhstan to be paid extra for working overtime with duty groups

Despite the fact that Kazakh school students will study by distance learning in the first term of the upcoming academic year, teachers will return to schools to work in duty classes. The number of working hours will increase for them as the schoolchildren will be divided into small groups. All teachers will be paid extra for the unplanned workload, Kazakh Minister of Education and Science Askhat Aimagambetov stated at a press briefing.

“Teachers’ workload is increasing. But, for doing extra work, the teacher will also receive an additional compensation. If he works 28 hours, then he will get paid for all these 28 hours. It is very important to our colleagues,” Aimagambetov stressed.

Eighty percent or nearly 2.6 million of Kazakh school students will study remotely. 15 or 16 percent of children will attend duty classes. 530,000 applications have already been received from the parents of students in grades one to four. Another 5 percent or 202,000 of schoolchildren will study in a traditional format in small schools, Aimagambetov said. Pupils who will attend the duty classes will have lessons and breaks at different times.

“The multiple classroom system is cancelled. School students will sit in one classroom all day,” Aimagambetov explained.

During the press briefing, he also explained what events will be held for schoolchildren on September 1. Homerooms will be held for those students who will study in the duty groups, said Aimagambetov. Those who will study remotely do not need to come to school on the Knowledge Day on September 1. This year, there will be no traditional school assemblies on this day in the country. 



Photo: elorda.info