State-run Kazakh TV channels to change content formation strategy

State-run Kazakh TV channels to change content formation strategy

State-owned TV channels in Kazakhstan will broadcast less series and entertainment content in the new television season. Instead, local TV channels will be showing the implementation of state programs, Kazakh Minister of Information and Social Development Aida Balayeva stated in an interview with the journalists from the TV and Radio Complex of the President of Kazakhstan.

“A number of changes are expected on TV channels starting the new television season. For example, it has been decided that we will be cutting the purchase of foreign entertainment content and TV series by 30 percent. To date, we have decided to strengthen the content of the existing TV channels. In particular, ‘El Arna’ will be reformatted into a cultural and educational channel. We are carrying out the rebranding of Kazakh TV. If you remember, we have previously announced that there would be a new ‘Al-Farabi’ TV channel. Practically today, given the economic situation, these plans have been adjusted and we postponed this initiative until better times,” Balayeva said.

More of own produced content will appear on state-run TV channels, she stressed. It is planned to produce a large number of programs to publicize the socio-economic life of the country, the activities of state bodies, as well as the implementation of state programs and initiatives.

“We currently have a clear vision for forming the content of state-owned TV channels. It is aimed at increasing the coverage of state programs and creating more of analytical content. This will allow for wider coverage of public policies. Expert opinion is always important in relation to certain state programs or initiatives. We will involve them. We will work in a new format starting next year,” Balayeva said.

She added that cooperation with Kazakhfilm studio will significantly enhance the quality of the produced content in the country. It is expected that the film studio will become a major partner of the state-run television channels in the production of TV series and documentaries. In addition, it was decided to translate into Kazakh, a state language of Kazakhstan, the animation content of such TV channels, as Nickelodeon, TiJi and Disney starting the fall of this year. Balayeva said that this will enhance the popularization of the Kazakh language among the younger generation.