Constitution of Kazakhstan celebrates its 25th anniversary

Constitution of Kazakhstan celebrates its 25th anniversary

Kazakhstan marks the 25th anniversary of the Constitution this year on August 30. The country’s Constitutional Council’s Chief of Staff Bakhyt Nurmukhanov and member Unzila Shapak told about the events that will take place during the public holiday and what role the Constitution plays in the modernization of society.

Speakers said that during the period from August 24 to 30, dozens of festive events dedicated to the main document of the state will be organized in Kazakhstan, all of them will be held online.

Thus, an international conference will be held as the main event in the capital, the theme of which will touch upon the rule of law, human values and the effectiveness of the state. The forum is expected to be attended by representatives of international organizations, heads of state structures of the country as well as famous Kazakh and foreign scientists.

“The subject of discussion is of great interest. Modern challenges, including those related to the coronavirus pandemic, have actualized the need for a deep understanding of the international and national legal framework in terms of their compliance with the requirements in crisis situations, ensuring a reasonable balance of public, state and private interests. In this regard, leading lawyers from all continents of the world, mainly representing the bodies of constitutional justice, will discuss topical issues of further constitutional and legal development,” Nurmukhanov said.

Speakers informed that the Constitutional Council will launch a project “Week of the Basic Law” as part of the holiday.

“The goal of the project is a deep understanding of the Constitution’s role, modernization of society and the state, drawing attention to the basic law, increasing the Constitutional culture and society as part of the nationwide Modernization of Kazakhstan’s Identity program. The main partners are Kazakh Ministry of Information and Social Development, mayoral offices of regions, the cities of Nur-Sultan, Almaty and Shymkent, the National Chamber of Entrepreneurs “Atameken” and other organizations. Online conferences, round tables, free legal advice, webinars, media appearances, charitable organizations, commission of new facilities, handing over of apartment keys, identity cards and other events will be organized throughout the country as part of this project. Due to the epidemiological situation in the country, all of them will be held online. The list of events can be found on the websites of the co-organizers, including the Constitutional Council,” added the speaker.

Celebrations will also include online contests for school and law students, presentations of books published to celebrate the anniversary of the basic law. They will be broadcast on YouTube channel on the Constitutional Council’s website. It is also planned to issue festive postage stamps and banknotes in national currency in denominations of 100 (US$0.24) and 200 (US$0.48) tenge.