Educational center “al-Farabi World” opens in Nur-Sultan

Educational center “al-Farabi World” opens in Nur-Sultan

New educational center “al-Farabi World” was opened in Nur-Sultan. The official website of the capital’s mayoral office informed that it is located in the Palace of Schoolchildren and its aim is to introduce the philosopher’s legacy to the younger generation.

“This center's inauguration marks our respect for the spiritual heritage of the great thinker, encyclopedist and philosopher of the middle ages, Abu Nasr al-Farabi, who made an immense contribution to the development of world science and civilization,” stated the report.

The newly opened center has the following sections: al-Farabi and science, al-Farabi and Greek thinkers, al-Farabi and art, al-Farabi and education, al-Farabi and poetry, and al-Farabi and eloquence. It has the scientist’s portrait sculpture as well.

“Along these lines, students will collect and study the works of the scholar in the fields of medicine, astronomy, mathematics, geometry, logic, philosophy, as well as science in general. In the future, we will prepare documentaries and educational stories about al-Farabi, collect new data related to the period of his life for this center, and continue promoting the rich heritage left by the famous philosopher,” said Yerbol Irgebay, Director of the al-Farabi Palace of Schoolchildren.

The Second Teacher of the humanity made a great contribution to philosophy, logic, metaphysics and natural science. The opening of the center was dedicated to the celebration of the 1150th anniversary of the outstanding scientist.