‘The Path of Abai’ novel is transformed into video format

‘The Path of Abai’ novel is transformed into video format

‘The Path of Abai’ novel in 12 minutes – Kazakh artists presented a video summary of the famous book by Mukhtar Auezov to mark the 175th birth anniversary of Abai Kunanbaiuly. The project was initiated by specialists from the national education portal and Kazakh Ministry of Information and Social Development. Short videos will transmit the main ideas of the book’s narrative. The viewer can fully experience the plot of the story through animation and sound background. In other words, the artists have drawn the life story of the great Kazakh poet Abai in a summary. Each chapter is a separate short film. There will be a total of 28 episodes, exactly as many chapters there are in the book ‘The Path of Abai’. The duration of the videos will not exceed 15 minutes. Yernar Almabek is the head of the unique project, Tomiris Yeskali is the artist and Shamshaddin Omarov is the sound engineer. In honor of the Day of Abai, the chapter ‘Return’ has already been uploaded.

“Now the viewer can quickly become acquainted with the content of 28 chapters. We hope that after these video summaries, Kazakh residents, who have not read ‘The Path of Abai’ yet, will eventually read the book,” Almabek said.

The project selected the most important parts of the novel. The original language and the literary technique of the book author Mukhtar Auezov were preserved. The chapters of the first volume are published every Monday on the portal’s Youtube channel. The video of the chapter ‘Return’ is already available at the link 


Photo: tengrinews.kz