Kazakhstan approves plan for phased lifting of quarantine restrictions starting August 17

Kazakhstan approves plan for phased lifting of quarantine restrictions starting August 17
The State Commission chaired by Kazakh Prime Minister Askar Mamin considered the plan for the phased lifting of quarantine measures taking into account the current epidemiological situation, PM’s press office reported.
According to the information provided, during the period of quarantine measures in Kazakhstan, the epidemiological situation was stabilized and the burden on medical organizations was significantly reduced. The daily increase in infection rate was reduced from 4 percent to 0.5 percent. The COVID-19 recovery rate in the country reached 76 percent. The average virus’ reproduction rate declined to 0.78 and hospital bed occupancy rate now stands at 26 percent.
In this regard, the State Commission, having considered the proposals of the governors of the regions of the country, as well as the suggestions of Kazakh Health Ministry and other departments, approved the plan for the phased lifting of quarantine restrictions and adopted a number of decisions.
Firstly, the Commission approved a list of types of activities of business entities, which will resume work in all regions of the country starting August 17:
- Shopping centers, trade houses, retails chains, covered markets (occupancy rate should not exceed 30 percent, four square meters per one visitor)
- Beauty salons, hairdressing salons, SPA centers, facilities providing cosmetic services (four square meters per one visitor, by appointment)
-  Fitness centers, but without swimming pools (50-percent occupancy rate, five square meters per one visitor), bathhouses and saunas without swimming pools (50-percent occupancy rate, four square meters per one visitor)
- Children’s correction-and-development offices, children’s and adult education centers (groups of no more than five people, by appointment)
- On-call groups of pre-school institutions (no more than 15 people)
- Outdoor attractions (distance, masks, control of the flow of people)
- Employers are advised to maintain a remote work format for at least 80 percent of employees.
Secondly, from August 17, individual and group outdoor training (no more than five people) and sports training for national teams, club teams (no more than 30 people, accommodation at sports bases, observance of anti-epidemic and preventive measures) are allowed.
Thirdly, public transport operations will resume from August 17, with occupancy according to the number of seats, as well as ventilation and disinfection at terminal stops.
Fourth, the ban will remain on:
- The holding of spectacular, sporting, family, commemorative, solemn and other mass events, including at-home ones.
- The work of bars, night and game clubs, karaoke, food courts, cinemas and other entertainment facilities for children and adults.
- Activities of cultural facilities, museums, holding of conferences, exhibitions and forums.
- The work of swimming pools, urban and public beaches, open water parks
- The work of religious sites
- Resuming commuter passenger trains/suburban electric trains, formation of common wagons, except for work trains, intercity buses/minibuses.
Fifthly, quarantine restrictions will be maintained on weekends in order to further stabilize the epidemiological situation.
“A mask rule and social distancing are mandatory sanitary requirements for everyone and must become the daily rules in the life of Kazakh citizens. It is necessary to resume the activities of business entities only when they are fully prepared,” Mamin said.
​Photo: kaz.tengrinews.kz