Kazakhstan considers preparations for phased lifting of quarantine measures

Kazakhstan considers preparations for phased lifting of quarantine measures

The interdepartmental commission on coronavirus chaired by Deputy Prime Minister of Kazakhstan Yeraly Tugzhanov considered a set of measures to further stabilize the epidemiological situation and prepare for the phased lifting of the quarantine measures. The chief state sanitary doctor reported on the indicators of stabilization of the epidemiological situation and possible scenarios for easing quarantine restrictions under the enhanced sanitary and disinfection regime. A number of new indicators for monitoring the work of the regions of the country was proposed in order to prevent a rise in the COVID-19 infection rate.

In addition, Kazakh Health Ministry and the heads of local executive bodies were instructed to keep the epidemiological situation under strict control and ensure a further decrease in incidence rates.

“The regions of the country need to improve the performance of monitoring groups. If necessary, develop additional measures through departments and local authorities to further improve the situation. Special efforts should be focused on preventive work with the population, especially on the observance of mask rule and social distancing,” Tugzhanov stressed.

He also visited a number of business facilities in the Kazakh capital to check sanitary conditions.

“I understand that everyone is interested in resuming activities, but I ask that the established sanitary requirements be observed. I would like the business sector to understand their responsibility,” Tugzhanov said.

Following the visits to the business facilities in Nur-Sultan, he gave instructions to the heads of state bodies and companies. In turn, entrepreneurs pledged to strictly follow sanitary norms and all regulations issued by the supervisory authorities.


Photo: rbc.ru