Kazakh government considers bill on responsible animal treatment

Kazakh government considers bill on responsible animal treatment

Shooting stray dogs, brutal killing of kittens, beating seals and even dog fights – Kazakh animal defenders deplore the fact that such brutal behavior remains practically unpunished in the country. Today the problem was again brought up for discussion at Kazakh Ministry of Ecology, Geology and Natural Resources. Together with social activists, experts discussed online the draft law ‘On responsible treatment of animals.’ The relevant ministry stated that the new document was long overdue. Kazakh Minister of Ecology, Geology and Natural Resources Magzum Mirzagaliyev said that, according to studies, cruelty towards animals ultimately leads to the same attitude towards people. Cases of maniacs appearing in society are not excluded. There can be no doubt about this – more and more often Kazakh residents are witnessing blatant cases of violence.

“Just the other day, the media reported new terrifying cases of violence towards animals. For example, a man shot a kitten on the street of Shymkent in front of children, unidentified individuals from Nur-Sultan hanged a kitten on a fence, or a boy from the Kazakh capital threw a kitten from the top floor onto the stairs. This is not the first time that such rigidity has been allowed. In fact, the problem is profoundly serious,” Mirzagaliyev stressed.

According to the relevant ministry, to date in the Kazakh legislation there is no concept of animal shelters and standards for their construction, as well as the rules for walking pets. In addition, the methods of trapping and killing stray dogs are different in each region of the country. Animal rights activists suggest keeping animals in shelters instead. Mirzagaliyev noted that the society now needs to revive the norms of humane treatment of animals.

“It is important that as many people, experts, social activists and volunteers as possible take part in this process. We look forward to your support, because this is our reality, what we will leave to our children, to the next generation. We must leave a civilized attitude and a high level of culture. The norms of this bill have been developed by experts and give a clear understanding of how the relationship between people and animals should be presented. We must set clear norms against negative attitude towards animals, punish harshly so that it will not repeat in the future. To date, the punishment for such crimes is very soft and needs to be toughened,” Mirzagaliyev concluded.

The bill is currently under consideration by the government. To date, there is not a single law on the responsible treatment of animals in the country, which means that they are not protected in any way in Kazakhstan.



Photo: 4vsar.ru