‘Path to Abai’ expedition arrives in Semei

‘Path to Abai’ expedition arrives in Semei

The walking expedition, which the brothers Damir and Daulet Kusheyevs from Almaty began on June 12, arrived in Semei. They traveled a distance of 1,200 kilometers on foot in 46 days. The project, dedicated to the 175th birth anniversary of Abai Kunanbaiuly and the Year of the Volunteer, is designed to develop the interest of the younger generation in the historical, cultural, and spiritual legacy of the Kazakh people.

“This is our first project. We have implemented it. Some people asked us why we did not use a car, horses, or bicycles. All because we wanted to break stereotypes. And we have proved it. We set a goal and achieved it,” volunteer Damir Kusheyev said.

The travelers covered 40 kilometers a day. Semei became the last point of their long journey.

“We were unlucky with the weather. Most rainfall fell on East Kazakhstan region. There also were strong winds and heat. Along the way, we met people who offered to give us a ride. But we decided to stick to the plan and to go all the way on foot,” Damir Kusheyev added.

Initially, the expedition consisted of four people. However, two of them did not withstand the pressure and quit. Damir and his brother Daulet got to the end. They visited the village of Karauyl and Zhidebai gorge located in Abai district, as well as the mausoleum built on the burial site of Abai. In addition, they had a chance to visit the sacred places, including the madrasa where the great Kazakh poet studied and the places of his residence. In the future, the brothers-volunteers intend to continue implementing similar projects.

You can view the volunteers’ travel diaries on Instagram account @damir_za_mir_almaty.


Photo: time.kz