“Eco Safari Aktau” volunteers urge to treat environment more carefully

“Eco Safari Aktau” volunteers urge to treat environment more carefully
“Let’s protect nature!” This phrase is not just a slogan, but a position of a recently formed group of volunteers in Mangystau region. Activists from “Eco Safari Aktau” group who demonstrate how to take care of the nature are becoming more and more popular among the city residents.
Assel Dogdyrbayevna, a native of Mangystau region and the founder of the “Eco Safari Aktau” told that she has treated the environment carefully since childhood.
“There are many beautiful tourist and sacred places in Aktau, so both guests and residents of our city often visit them. Unfortunately, not all of them clean up their trash after themselves. What is trash? It is the first to harm the beauty and ecological purity of nature. That is why we, the youth of Aktau, came together, and every weekend we go out to clean the territory of numerous tourist places of the city,” she commented.
The main goal of Assel was to preserve nature of her homeland, she was not even going to promote her work. However, a famous blogger Katerina Koshko visited Mangystau region, saw the work of the group of women led by Assel, created a page on social media for the group of volunteers and advised to name it. The volunteers together decided to name it the “Eco Safari Aktau”. The organization has more than 20 volunteers at the moment.
“A famous blogger Katerina Koshko pointed out that every job makes sense and advised us to create an organization. On June 15, we resumed the work of the group and gave it a name. Katerina told about this idea to volunteers from other regions and expressed the hope that such groups as Eco Atyrau and Eco Shymkent will appear soon,” said the volunteer.

Last weekend, the “Eco Safari Aktau” activists organized clean ups in the Blue Bay in Mangystau region. They removed 1.5 tons (40 bags) of garbage from the territory of the local landmark.
“First of all, we did it because we appreciate the ecology of our homeland. In the future, vacationers, inspired by our example, will clean up after themselves,” concluded the volunteer.
Every job must be paid. Payment for the work of organizations such as “Eco Safari Aktau” is compassion for nature. Therefore, we urge tourists to treat the environment more carefully and respect the work of volunteers.