3D map of Nur-Sultan city is under development

3D map of Nur-Sultan city is under development

More than 100 specialists are developing a 3D map of Nur-Sultan city. Professionals of remote sensing,aerial photography,cartography,photogrammetry and information technology are making buildings and utilities of the capital available in digital format. According to the city’s Department of Architecture, Urban Planning and Land Relations, the 3D map is planned to be presented by the end of next year.

“The work on the city’s 3D map and digitalization of utility systems consists of three stages. The first stage is the creation of 2D, then the development of a 3D map, and the last stage involves preparation of a map of the utilities. The work in this area began on June 10 this year and will end on December 31, 2021,” stated a report.

The organization informed that mostly local specialists will be working on the project. In particular, “KazAeroSpace” LLP will be responsible for the digitalization of buildings and the utility systems. The organization experts will develop the city’s map based on the photogrammetry. The technology has a patent and a copyright.

Experts highlighted that the map will contribute to repairs of better quality in the capital in the future.

“Today the main problem of the city's utility system is that the coordinates are not placed correctly on the map. Therefore, there is a risk of damage to the utilities during an excavation. A single map of utilities is necessary to solve this problem. It will also be needed in the work of public utilities, the city’s mayoral office and other interested parties,” the department said.


Photo: finance.kz