Kazakhstan’s Ethnic Assembly spends over US$363,000 to aid hospitals

Kazakhstan’s Ethnic Assembly spends over US$363,000 to aid hospitals
The Assembly of People of Kazakhstan spent more than 150 million tenge (US$363,196) to help doctors and provisional hospitals. They purchased the necessary medicines and ventilators. 

Bed linen in hospitals, hygiene products, antiseptics and masks – this is just a small part of what the Assembly representatives delivered to hospitals. Patients received hot meals, fruits and vegetables. Camel, cow’s, mare’s and goat’s milk, kefir (fermented milk drink similar to a thin yoghurt), cottage cheese and kurt (a traditional Kazakh snack) were also distributed among coronavirus patients for them to make a speedy recovery.

The Assembly volunteers also provided assistance to health workers. Volunteers with private vehicles provided free taxi services to medical workers, brought antiviral drugs to the elderly and lonely people, as well as supplied meat and vegetables to hotels where the frontline health workers lived in self-isolation so as not to infect their families.

The campaign on hospitals assistance went on with the search of oxygen cylinders and their transportation. Ethnocultural associations of Aktobe region, North Kazakhstan region, Atyrau region, Karagandy region, East Kazakhstan region, Turkistan region and Zhambyl region were especially active. They helped transport and distribute oxygen concentrators, respirators and disinfectants, electrocardiographs and electrothermal coagulators from Russia to local hospitals.

Currently, they are making preparations for the new campaign called ‘Myn alghys’ (Thanks a million) dedicated to the Islamic holiday of Eid al-Adha. It is now the families of health workers who will receive financial aid and food baskets for the holiday feast.