Monitoring group identifies several violations in Nur-Sultan’s pharmacies

Monitoring group identifies several violations in Nur-Sultan’s pharmacies

According to the capital’s mayoral office, another inspection of pharmacies in Nur-Sultan aimed at identifying the overpricing of medicines and selling those over the counter was held by officials of the city’s representative body, members of the “Astana – adaldyk alany” (Astana’s Integrity Platform) project office, representatives of Nur Otan Party’s branch, representatives of the country’s anti-corruption Agency and youth policy volunteers.

“We have checked four pharmacies, and two of them were selling antibiotics over the counter. We found that by sending straw buyers. Another pharmacy was selling Heparin at a higher price of 3,000 tenge (US$7.27) per ampoule, although its actual price is 500 tenge (US$1.21),” reported Saule Bisembayeva, coordinator of the “Astana – adaldyk alany” (Astana’s Integrity Platform) project office.

Members of the monitoring group said that the inspection materials will be provided to the city’s Department for Quality Control and Safety of Goods and Services as well as the Police Department for further proceedings.

To date, more than 40 Nur-Sultan residents have submitted reports on violations. Monitoring to identify cases of unreasonably higher prices for medicines was strengthened in the city. If you witnessed such cases, call a single contact center іKOMEK 109 or a WhatsApp number +7 775 160 55 32. A person can also check a maximum retail price of medicines via application, on official website and in the order approved by Kazakh Health Minister on

“According to complaints of many pharmacists, wholesale suppliers and distributors exceed price ceilings of some medicines themselves. Therefore, we will carry out the next inspection in large suppliers, comparing their wholesale prices with established price ceilings. That is why some pharmacies refuse to purchase medicines that are currently in demand,” said Miras Shekenov, member of the city’s maslikhat, the local representative body.

Mobile group that includes officers of the city’s Prosecutor's Office, Police Department, State Revenue Department, Economic Investigations Department and Pharmaceutical Control Department work to suppress the facts of speculation of medicines every day. The monitoring of prices is also regularly carried out via I-teka application and messages on social media, such as Instagram, Facebook, Telegram and WhatsApp.