Street food cafes bake free bread for those in need

Street food cafes bake free bread for those in need
Many Kazakh business people got engaged in volunteer work during the novel coronavirus quarantine. Despite the difficulties the entrepreneurs faced amidst COVID-19 pandemic, the hotline of the national volunteer network of Kazakhstan receives a lot of calls and offers from them. Calls come not only from large enterprises, but also from small and medium-sized businesses, National Volunteer Network Chairperson Vera Kim said at a briefing. Some of them want to provide financial assistance, and others want to help with deeds.

“We have received calls from small doner (shawarma, gyro) places. It was them, who baked a huge amount of fresh and hot bread during the nationwide state of emergency. The bread was distributed to those in need, people in risk groups, including lonely elderly people, families with many children, people with disabilities, and, of course, the elderly who were left alone in the city,” Kim shared.

She added that farm owners also provided substantial support. Agricultural producers send huge trucks with vegetables and fruits. Kim said that potatoes, onions and many other food products were delivered to those in need. The hotline is still in operation. People who either want to become a volunteer or, in contrast, are looking for help, can call there.

“Many people have their children and relatives outside of Kazakhstan. Our volunteers went to shops and pharmacies and using a contactless method delivered what they bought,” Kim said.

Volunteers continue their work. Every day there are more and more volunteers in the country. Mainly, people need food baskets and medicines.