Kobeituz and rare water lilies: Citizens harming nature to face fine

Kobeituz and rare water lilies: Citizens harming nature to face fine
The damage to Lake Kobeituz in Akmola region caused indignation of Kazakh President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev.
“The irreversible damage to the unique Pink Lake Kobeituz by our compatriots caused justified indignation. These negative facts again exposed the problem of environmental education of the younger generation. The Ministries of Education, of Ecology and of Information should consider this task as a priority,” he wrote on his Twitter account.
Kobeituz, or, as it is also called, the Pink Lake, literally became a pilgrimage site for people in Kazakhstan. Selfies with the lake in the background are a must have this summer. However, just photos were not enough for many tourists, and they began lighting bonfires, some of them started to take and sell full baskets of salt and mud from the lake. Law enforcement officers intend to find these people and prosecute.
Police officers of Akmola region held a SUV driver who drove into the unique lake administratively liable under two articles. Photos from the scene previously angered the public in the social media.
Not only Lake Kobeituz suffers from neglect. Tourists in the May Day Ponds in Almaty began to pluck water lilies from the Red Book, thereby harming nature. They began to take photos with a bouquet of rare flowers, posting them on social media. These fans of beautiful photos can face a fine according to Article 386 of the Administrative Code “Violation of the rules for the maintenance and protection of green spaces”. This issue is now being addressed.
Photo: tengrinews.kz