Kazakh residents visit pink lake Kobeituz and Burabai despite bans

Kazakh residents visit pink lake Kobeituz and Burabai despite bans

Visiting Lake Kobeituz and Lake Tengiz will be banned until the end of quarantine. Governor of Yereimentau district of Akmola region Abai Alzhanov and a mobile monitoring group carried out a raid on these lakes during the weekend. There were  massive crowds, and of course, no sanitary norms and social distancing rules were observed. Alzhanov held an explanatory conversation on the importance of observing restrictive measures introduced due to the spread of coronavirus. The rules regarding these lakes are spelled out in the protocol of the emergency response team meeting held on July 13.

"Due to the increase in COVID-19 cases among the population of the Yereimentau district and in pursuance of the Resolution 86 of the Chief State Sanitary Doctor of Akmola region dated July 4 'On the introduction of strict restrictive measures to prevent the spread of coronavirus infection in the territory of Akmola region' and until the epidemiological situation in the territory of Yereimentau district is stabilized – to ban visits to the lakes Kobeituz, Tengiz, Kurbet, Korzhynkol and all lakes located in the territory of Yereimentau district," the message says.

However, photos and videos circulating on social media show that nobody is complying with these restrictions.

Similar situation is happening in Burabai. The number of tourists has sharply increased there, but they too do not comply with quarantine restrictions. Literally a few days ago, the press office of the Burabai State National Park announced the closure of the beaches. However, the official ban did not stop the tourists from  keeping coming to the shores of the lake. People there do not follow any precautions. Several violators have already been fined.

The three most-visited beaches in Nur-Sultan have been also temporarily closed in order to prevent the spread of coronavirus disease. However, despite the ban, even in the Kazakh capital people swim in prohibited places. In this regard, Emergency Situations Department of Nur-Sultan is conducting explanatory conversations with the population. Those who do not obey the rules are held administratively liable.



Photo:  24.kz