Khabar looks for aspiring screenwriters with their own stories

Khabar looks for aspiring screenwriters with their own stories
Have you imagined yourself as a screenwriter for your own film or series? Do you think that you should be on the red carpet of film festivals? Now you have an opportunity to try a new role. Khabar Agency is launching a competition of “not made up stories” about ordinary people and their incredible lives on the topic “Why I love my small homeland and fellow countrymen”. The main condition is that the hero of the story must be our alive contemporary.

“If you are surrounded by people and stories that inspire, amaze and motivate you, then share it with us! Maybe you have experienced something unbelievable? You helped people or did a good deed? Tell us! People anywhere in the world can write to us! The main thing is that the story must be about a Kazakh citizen who lives nowadays. We will hold local competitions in 14 regions of Kazakhstan and in three cities of Almaty Shymkent and Nur-Sultan,” said the competition’s organizers.

Perhaps it is your story that will become the basis for the script for a film novel, which will be involved in the whole feature television series!

All you need to do is to share the story of modern heroes who live among us. You can send the story on e-mail or fill a form on a website