Expert discusses importance of workout and healthy lifestyle during pandemic

Expert discusses importance of workout and healthy lifestyle during pandemic
A healthy lifestyle comes first during the pandemic. Doctors and coaches are confident that people should keep fit and strengthen immune system to reduce the risk of being infected. Coach of functional fitness Yerlan Manatayev gave an interview to a correspondent of Kazakh TV, where he told what healthy habits a person must have in order to not get infected with the virus or overcome it easily. He recommends doing exercises that you like for at least 15 to 30 minutes a day. He believes that people should enjoy doing sports, which may be running, walking, push-ups, pull-ups, workout at home or just exercising. The main thing is to choose the type of workouts that you like.
“Medical researches show that people need to do those exercises which get your pulse fast. Your body begins to change a little. Any workouts that make your heart rate rise are useful. For example, to lie down, stand back up and jump is very intensive, highly functional and useful exercise. I think that a squat is one of the most useful exercises that you can practice on a chair by standing up and sitting back down on it. There are no secrets, you just need to start doing what you like. The most important thing here is stability. You can start from five minutes and ten reps. But every day,” said the coach.

Strengthening immune system involves not only sports, but also proper nutrition, outdoor walks and much more. The coach noted that it is necessary to begin with sleep, which is the best assistant to maintaining good health. You need to go to bed early and sleep at least 7 to 8 hours. The next thing is drinking plenty of fluids. The expert highlighted that just water is enough, one shouldn’t drink too many sweet drinks. The third thing is a healthy meal.

“A simple advice that I follow myself is eating 800 grams of vegetables and fruits a day. In the evening, I take everything what I have at home, such as potatoes, cabbage, beets, and apples, weigh them and eat the next day. It is actually not that expensive, costs only 300 to 400 tenge (less than US$1). It is summer now, wonderful season to eat such products that provide you with all the nutrients you need. They are rich in fiber. Dietary supplements, vitamins are not needed. Everything is there. All these products are not high in calories,” the specialist concluded.

Experts emphasized that everything needs measure and constancy. Regular workout with proper nutrition is the most affordable and effective way of maintaining not only physical, but also psychological health during the COVID-19 pandemic. Delicious and healthy meals as well as a set of exercises contribute to the secretion of endorphins, which results in a good mood and helps strengthening the immune system.