Who will receive social welfare payment of US$103 in July?

Who will receive social welfare payment of US$103 in July?

Kazakh citizens who were left without an income during the period of reinforced COVID-19 quarantine in the country will receive the social welfare payment of 42,500 tenge (US$103), Kazakh Prime Minister Askar Mamin announced at the government meeting. 

"On the instructions of the Head of State, we made a decision to grant social welfare payments for loss of income worth the minimum wage of 42,500 tenge for one month of quarantine restrictions. The payment will be given on the basis of applications from employers, individual entrepreneurs and self-employed, whose activities were limited by reinforcement of quarantine measures," Mamin said.

Previously, the same financial compensation was paid twice during the nationwide state of emergency from March 16 to May 11.

In addition, Mamin instructed Kazakh Ministry of Labor and Social Protection of the Population to continue providing financial help to cover food expenses to certain categories of the Kazakh population, which is more than one million people.

Disability terms, re-examination of which coincides with the quarantine period, will be automatically extended for three months.



Photo: finance.kz