Quarter of contact center requests is about coronavirus, iKOMEK109 operators say

Quarter of contact center requests is about coronavirus, iKOMEK109 operators say

A single hotline for advising the residents of Nur-Sultan ‘iKOMEK109’ receives from 7,000 to 29,000 calls or messages per day. Not a single resident of the Kazakh capital remains without a response. As it turned out, city residents ask quite many questions on different matters. Call center operators are competent in more than 2,000 categories. Requests of the residents change depending on season.

“During winter, city residents call to ask about the cancellation of classes in educational institutions, clearing of snow and ice, opening or closing of long-distance routes and so on. In summer, we get the questions related to upgrading of urban areas or to public transport. I would like to stress that we do not try to increase the number of calls. The fact that they grow means that iKOMEK109 is a convenient service through which people can contact the mayor’s office or municipal organizations. It also means that the involvement of the residents of Nur-Sultan increases every year,” said the Head of iKOMEK109 city center Zhannat Dubirova.

The helpline has been breaking records during the current coronavirus pandemic – the number of calls and messages has increased significantly. During the last week, Nur-Sultan residents were concerned with the issue of overpricing and shortage of medicines in pharmacies. Dozens of people called and told iKOMEK109 consultants about this problem.

“There are many ways by which people can contact us, including calling 109, which is free of charge, or through the mobile application. In fact, with the introduction of iKOMEK109 contact center consulting service, Nur-Sultan residents no longer need to delve into the issues of how government agencies work, whom to contact and so on. They can just contact us through a convenient communication channel and we will take control of each request and bring the matter to the end result,” Dubirova noted.

All operators of the iKOMEK city center are multi-purpose. They can solve the majority of requests directly during the call. An extensive database is there to help them. It is regularly updated. In case if the request is not within the competence of the operator, he will provide contacts where a city resident can obtain the information he needs. Everything is easy and simple. Sometimes, iKOMEK109 consultants receive funny requests.

“There was one interesting case. One day, a falcon flew into a hotel room. The administration and the hotel guest were in shock and didn’t know whom to call. 30 minutes after they called the iKOMEK109, the falcon was taken away by the veterinary service and released into the nearby forest. Here is another story. One day, a city resident called and asked what the name of the district governor is. The contact-center operator told him the name. It turned out, a resident wanted to write a letter of appeal to the governor, but after our operators registered the appeal, he no longer had to write a letter himself anymore,” Dubirova said.

In total, iKOMEK109 city center has received more than 1.32 million requests since the beginning of the year. A quarter of them were about the state of emergency and coronavirus. Over the past 24 hours alone, 7,000 city residents contacted the center’s consultants. Meantime, the number of operators that process requests is a little more than 60. This means that each of them covers at least 230 requests. At the same time, they have the skill to smile with in their voice, as well as the desire to help every resident of Nur-Sultan. 


Photo: komando.com