City of Nur-Sultan marks its 22nd anniversary

City of Nur-Sultan marks its 22nd anniversary

More than two decades ago, the decision to move the capital of Kazakhstan from the sunny city of Almaty to the little-known provincial city of Akmola was made. Many people thought that the idea to build a new metropolis, which was supposed to become the main city of the state, among the steppe is unrealistic. Today it is clear that the dream of First President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev to build a city of the future in the very center of the Eurasian continent came true and allowed implementing the most daring ideas of talented and famous architects of the world.

“As it is known, a large opportunity for implementation of seemingly most daring ideas opened after the Supreme Council approved the idea of ​​moving the capital. But a very serious platform was necessary as well as an understanding how to implement this idea. Despite the fact that a group of architects of Almaty and Akmola won the first national competition, there was still a need to create a new special project that would meet expectations and ideas of Nursultan Nazarbayev. Kisho Kurokawa is one of the representatives of the world school of architecture, who adhered to the concept of metabolism,” said Kulyaisha Aktayeva, Deputy Director of the Library of the First President of Kazakhstan.

The moving of the capital to Akmola is a strategically important decision. Experts highlighted that the advantages of this city were determined by a number of factors, including a favorable geographical location and environment. The fact that the city had significant resources for further urban development is equally important. After analyzing this entire combination of positive factors, a choice of the location of the new capital was made in favor of Akmola. Today, chronicles and evidence of those historically important events are carefully preserved at the Library of the First President of Kazakhstan.

“We literally have a photo chronicle of our capital that captured all of the processes related to the approval of the master plan for the development of the city, including visiting the Research and Design Institute of the Astana Master Plan. There are very interesting photographs stored related to the moments of development of the Kazakh capital, starting from sketches of the ideas and plans to their implementation. The Baiterek Monument is the most striking example. Almost all of us know that Nursultan Nazarbayev is the author of the sketch of the Baiterek Monument. The fact is, when talking about a set of materials available on the history of our capital, it turns out that we have the opportunity to trace the path from the origin of the idea of the capital of Kazakhstan to its implementation and development,” Aktayeva said.

Every year, the Kazakh capital is becoming more and more beautiful – not only new buildings, bridges and streets are being built, but also entire microdistricts. Those who came to see the Kazakh capital five or six years ago, most likely will not recognize the city if they come to visit it nowadays. The current Nur-Sultan is a magnificent city with a million-plus population, which has been surprising everyone with its striking beauty for 22 years. The city makes everyone fall in love with it forever. Happy birthday to the Kazakh capital!