Kazakh Deputy PM clarifies newly imposed quarantine

Kazakh Deputy PM clarifies newly imposed quarantine

Tightening of quarantine restrictions in Kazakhstan goes into effect only on July 5, but the government authorities have already announced the amount of fines for their violations. Kazakh residents who don’t follow the quarantine rules will have to pay  a fine of 30 monthly calculation indexes (MCI), equivalent of 83,340 tenge (US$205), or more. This was announced by Deputy Prime Minister of Kazakhstan Yeraly Tugzhanov at the press briefing. He also stated that the entrepreneurs will face a fine starting from 230 MCI, equivalent of 638,940 tenge (US$1,574), for quarantine violations. The official legal act is currently being prepared and will be adopted this week. 

Today, July 2, answering journalists’ questions at the press briefing, Tugzhanov explained the points stated in the decree to impose quarantine. He said that the interregional passenger bus routes will be suspended, whereas travelling by personal vehicle will be allowed. This means that there will be no checkpoints between the regions and cities of the country. In addition, people will not be required to have a certificate with a negative result of the PCR-based COVID-19 test in order to travel from region to region.

Tugzhanov also noted that the situation with the incidence rate of coronavirus that occurred in Kazakhstan after the end of the nationwide state of emergency, including a sharp increase in the number of COVID-19 cases with or without symptoms of infection, was predictable.

“The introduction of strict quarantine prevented the country from experiencing a sharp explosive nature of the virus at the initial stage. It needed time to prepare a medical base. I would like to say that everyone should understand that this, by and large, is a temporary measure, the country cannot constantly live in a state of emergency. The economy should continue working. Kazakh citizens should have the opportunity to earn money. The task that has been set is the gradual reduction of the quarantine restrictions with the strengthening of the sanitary regime,” Tugzhanov said.


Photo: kapital.kz