Kazakhstan prepares to mark National Dombyra Day

Kazakhstan prepares to mark National Dombyra Day

Kazakhstan prepares to mark the National Dombyra Day for the third time. A few days are left before the holiday that is celebrated on July 5 this year. Not a single significant event in the life of Kazakh people has been complete without the melodic accompaniment of dombyra for centuries. Residents said that is why the day dedicated to this instrument is truly nationwide. Dombyra symbolizes a patriotic spirit, independence and continuity of generations. This is the secret why the holiday is celebrated in all regions of Kazakhstan in advance.

Pavlodar regional museum of literature and art presented more than 20 types of dombyra which are stored in its funds. Almost all original exhibits were delivered here by relatives of famous akyns and composers in coastal areas of Yertis River. The items involve dombyra of a well-known singer Baigabyl Zhylkybayev and talented Kazakh actor and director Kauken Kenzhetayev. The museum presented the residents a unique musical composition of Maira Shamsutdinova, which had not been performed before.

“We have developed a plan of online events that includes a project of best works of composers in coastal areas of Yertis River. This is an online exhibition where you can listen to songs and musical compositions of our talented compatriots. We think that people should not be deprived of the opportunity to enjoy cultural property during the pandemic. That is why this is an important work for us,” said Amangeldy Yeginbai, worker of Bukhar Zhyrau Museum of Literature and Art.

Branch of Assembly of Peoples of Kazakhstan in North Kazakhstan region organized online competition “Tart, dombyra” (Play, dombyra). 20 residents of the region sent their works. The results will be announced by July 20.

A master from Karagandy plans to share his secrets of dombyra’s creation and even open his own school. Khairolla Malik assured that this is a special kind of art. All nuances and secrets are passed down from generation to generation. Everything is important, from selection of wood to the mood of a creator. He believes that dombyra is not just a musical instrument, but also a national treasure. Organizers of the event said that the holiday is a great opportunity to remind all Kazakh citizens of this.


Photo: oldru.kyzylorda-news.kz