Foreign tourists are able to follow the trails of great Turkic scientists

Foreign tourists are able to follow the trails of great Turkic scientists
Plunging into the world of nomads, looking at their way of life and learning about their vibrant and distinctive culture, as well as visiting architectural monuments and making a pilgrimage to the holy places – all of this is offered by the country of the Great Steppe. The national company ‘Kazakh Tourism’ intends to make short image-building videos about Kazakhstan as a new tourist destination. Company’s spokespeople said that video clips will present and demonstrate the unique tourism potential of Kazakhstan in three languages: Kazakh, Russian and English.
Experts say that Kazakhstan and the entire Central Asian region have a powerful attraction factor. East and West are harmoniously interwoven here, as well as the modern infrastructure and the rich history of ancient civilizations. It is the place where the most famous scientists of antiquity worked. Why the region of modern Central Asia was so attractive for the scientists – tourists will be able to find out by following the trails of the great scientists of the Turkic world. Combined tours can provide tourists with this opportunity. In addition, Uzbek experts propose developing cross-border tours that would include visits to the Khoja Ahmed Yasawi mausoleum in Turkistan, then the Zangiota memorial complex in the Tashkent region of Uzbekistan and the Khakim Ota Bakirgoniy mausoleum in Karakalpakstan.
“We propose forming a Unified Calendar of cultural events of the Turkic-speaking states, within which we could coordinate the organization of various festivals that demonstrate the culture and traditions of these countries,” said Aziz Abdukhakimov, Chairperson of the State Committee for Tourism Development of Uzbekistan.
A specialized satellite TV channel will be promoting the tourism potential of the countries of the Turkic Council, in which Kazakhstan, Turkey, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan are the permanent member states. Experts also propose to create a common Internet portal with a Single map of tourist destinations of the states. The website will provide local and foreign tourists with the information about the history, culture, traditions and modern life of the Turkic peoples. It will also allow hosting virtual tours and excursions.