Two new TV channels ‘Abai TV’ and ‘Al-Farabi’ to launch in Kazakhstan

Two new TV channels ‘Abai TV’ and ‘Al-Farabi’ to launch in Kazakhstan
Here is the news for the Kazakh TV viewers: two new TV channels will be launched in the country, Kazakh Minister of Information and Social Development Aida Balayeva announced this during the reporting meeting with the population. She said that the ‘Abai TV’ will be launched already tomorrow, on June 30.

“Currently, the issue of launching two new TV channels, ‘Abai TV’ and ‘Al-Farabi’, is in working progress. We will launch the ‘Abai TV’ literally tomorrow, June 30. It will be part of the television family of the Qazaqstan Radio and Television Corporation and will become a new niche channel dedicated to the rich cultural heritage of Kazakhstan. The second television project, the ‘Al Farabi’ TV channel, will be launched on the basis of the Khabar agency by the beginning of the school year. It will become a new educational television platform for children and teenagers from six to 18 years old as its audience,” Balayeva said.

She also said that 42 domestically produced television series will be shot this year. Exciting projects about family values and the activities of volunteers are among the upcoming premieres. Projects aimed at improving the images of teachers, doctors and police, as well as promoting a healthy lifestyle, are also being prepared for the Kazakh audience. During the reporting meeting, Balayeva also mentioned that it is planned to send seven Kazakhs as volunteers to work in the United Nations Organization.

“A great incentive to the development of the volunteer movement in the country, especially during the current global pandemic, was given by the initiative of the President of Kazakhstan to declare the current year as the Year of Volunteer. Under the auspices of the national front office ‘Birgemiz’, volunteer headquarters were created, hot lines were launched, and nearly 40,000 volunteers were involved in providing targeted assistance to socially vulnerable groups of the population. As a result, during the nationwide state of emergency, nearly one million Kazakh citizens, who were in difficult life circumstances received help. Veterans of war, of labor, lonely elderly, as well as multi-children or low-income families are among them,” Balayeva added.

She emphasized that for further systematic development of volunteering in the country, the infrastructure was created on the principle of a single vertical – from the regional to the national level. The corresponding bill is currently being prepared along with the non-governmental organizations. It will lay practical mechanisms for motivating people to participate in volunteer activities.

“The best volunteers and initiatives that contributed to the development of Kazakhstan and solution of the socially significant problems will be encouraged by the international award ‘Volunteer of the Year’. Of course, it is difficult to complete all of the initiatives aimed at developing volunteering in the country in one year, but it is a turning point for further systematic development,” Balayeva noted.

She also spoke about the implementation of the Modernization of Kazakhstan’s Identity program. Balayeva said that new special projects were developed aimed at modernizing public consciousness. The implementation of 13 special projects is ongoing as part of the program and large-scale outreach activities are carried out to engage the population.

“In accordance with the approved plan, activities are carried out in each region in three areas: personal development, preservation of national identity and development of the state and civil society,” Balayeva emphasized.
There are also the ‘’ web portal and special ‘Civic platform’ that are carrying out the information work. These platforms are the place where the Kazakh population and the representatives of civil society can openly discuss issues and make their proposals in the directions of the Modernization of Kazakhstan’s Identity program.
“Kazakh Ministry of Information and Social Development made proposals for four new special projects that are aimed at personal development, including ‘Yenbek – yeldin muraty’ (Work is the goal of country), ‘Kukyktyk madeniyet’ (Legal culture), ‘Unem – kogam kuaty’ (Economy is the power of society) and ‘Dastur men guryp’ (Customs and traditions). The individual concept was developed for each of the special projects, which describes in detail the mechanism for its implementation with indicators and expected results,” Balayeva concluded.