Tourism industry in Kazakhstan keeps developing in all areas

Tourism industry in Kazakhstan keeps developing in all areas

Analysts noted that the pandemic hit tourism industry the hardest. Yet it has a great potential. Tourism entered the 21st century as the most steadily developing economic sector, becoming one of the high-income industries of the world trade. According to key indicators, including efficiency of investments, tourism is comparable to oil industry. Experts said that it is necessary to keep developing tourism area.

In Kazakhstan, both Government and business clearly understand the importance of this process. The first ski resort “Karaalma” will be opened very soon in Zhambyl region. It will be located in the region’s most picturesque district of Zhualy, more precisely, on the northern slopes of the Talas Range of the Western Tien Shan, on the border of the Aksu-Zhabagly Nature Reserve. The Zhambyl “Courchevel” is almost ready. The opening is planned for October.

The health center has all the necessary infrastructure. The construction of a 7-kilometer broadband highway from the Western Europe-Western China highway to the foothills, from where the cableway to the top stretches, has been completed. Equipment for the cableway was delivered from Austria. Installation of a 350-meter cableway is underway. Facilities are being constructed for help desk services and a cottage town of 20 buildings. The resort should be able to receive up to 4,000 visitors.

Objects are being built as part of a public-private partnership. The total project cost is four billion tenge (US$9.9 million). A ski track with a length of 2,500 meters will be laid from the very top of the mountain to the complex. Visitors can go on vacation at this base year-round. In summer, they can take horse walks, go in for cycling, hang gliding, fishing, receive therapy of kumys (fermented dairy product from mare's milk) and saumal (mare’s fresh milk) drinking.

Road infrastructure is also actively developing in Balkhash. The Lake territory was involved into the tourism development program in Kazakhstan. This summer, it is planned to repair the most problematic sections of the tracks for comfortable arrival of tourists. Work is underway in Torangalyk village. Earlier, 24 kilometers of asphalt were renewed in Chubar-Tyubek village at the entrance to the dispensary, to resorts in Gulf Bertys and on the bridge at the entrance to Balkhash.

“This is very good. There are many resorts, it will be comfortable for tourists to arrive,” said resident of Torangalyk village Dmitriy Rudometov.

Air service is planned to be developed to attract more tourists from other regions of the country. The airport will be reconstructed. The improvement of the zone is planned to be completed in 2023. According to forecasts, this will allow to increase the flow of tourists to Balkhash five times. The resort receives an average of 80,000 people per year at the moment. After the reconstruction, the number of vacationers can increase up to half a million.

Investors in North Kazakhstan region began to improve the coast of the unique salt lake Minkeser that is located almost a hundred kilometers from Petropavl and is famous for therapeutic mud. The composition of the water here is close to the healing Dead Sea. Hundreds of tourists, including from Russia, come here every year. However, they had to rest on wild beaches without any infrastructure. Now the entrepreneurs decided to create conditions for comfortable vacation. A hotel has been already opened in a village nearby.

“We put sunshades, deckchairs, equipped a cafe, prepared showers, bathrooms. We think that in the current situation with coronavirus, when our citizens are restricted from leaving abroad, this lake will be relevant, because, firstly, it is therapeutic, and secondly, this is our native nature, the Kazakh steppe,” said investor Dmitriy Sharapayev.

The lake Minkeser was involved in the sacred map of North Kazakhstan region last year.