Journalists receive awards on the eve of Day of Media Workers

Journalists receive awards on the eve of Day of Media Workers
A solemn meeting dedicated to the Day of Media Workers was held in Nur-Sultan. The event was attended by Kazakh Minister of Information and Social Development Aida Balayeva, Kazakh media representatives and their foreign colleagues. The event was partially held online.
The professional holiday for media workers in Kazakhstan was established on June 28 last year by a decree of the Government, on behalf of Kazakh President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev. Aida Balayeva congratulated journalists on the holiday.
“The profession of a journalist has always generated much confidence in people, because you help keep up with the most interesting and important. It is said that historians and writers make the past immortal, while journalists – the present. Of course, first, journalism is a hard work and a civic responsibility. We have repeatedly faced the fact that the work of professional journalists not only changes the lives and destinies of people, but also solves problems of a systemic nature and gives people hope. In recent months, the society has again been able to evaluate the work of professional media workers who work in the hottest spots, fulfilling their professional duty and inspiring confidence in the future in the current difficult period with regular risk to health and life,” she said.
On the eve of the holiday, Aida Balayeva awarded 55 journalists the badge “Best in the Information field”. Correspondent of “Khabar 24” channel Kanat Bazylkhanov was among them.
This year, “Zhiger” award named after the famous journalist and public figure Beisen Kuranbek was established for the first time. Its winners were announced at the ceremony. Correspondent of the “Khabar 24” Merei Shomakhanova won the prize in the nomination “Best Story on Social Subjects”.