Domestic tourism becomes trend of 2020 season

Domestic tourism becomes trend of 2020 season

This year, travel agencies greet Kazakh citizens instead of foreign nationals. The number of traveling Kazakhs increased rapidly. They admitted that the pandemic has influenced desires. Now they want to see Kazakhstan, the way they did not know it yet, to visit all corners of their country and be inspired by native expanses. Sanatoriums in the Katon-Karagai district of East Kazakhstan region are popular among guests due to their nature, fresh air and wellness centers with a wide range of treatment procedures.

“Coronavirus affected us as well. We do not receive foreign tourists because they cannot come. We started receiving guests from June 3,” said Zhanar Sarsenbayeva, head of the Katon-Karagai District Department of Entrepreneurship, Industry and Tourism.

Katon-Karagai National Park is one of the favorite places for those who prefer ecotourism. It has radon springs, pantheals, 12 hotels and two health camps. More than 8,000 tourists visited it last year alone, including about 130 people from abroad. This year, tourists came from Aktau, Atyrau, Turkistan and Pavlodar. Among them there are famous personalities. Athlete Olga Rypakova came to rest in Katon-Karagai.

“Of course, I have visited many countries because of work. I think we need to travel to our native places. But we leave it for later. So did I. Many times I thought about traveling around my native country. This year, I had such an opportunity. What we have near is no less beautiful than abroad. Many people compare our places with Switzerland. I would say that the nature of Kazakhstan is in no way inferior to Switzerland,” said Olympic champion Olga Rypakova.

Obviously, the nature of the eastern region did not leave anyone indifferent.

“I travel all the time. I was on excursions on the Mediterranean coast of Turkey, bypassed the ancient buildings of Europe and the ultra-modern buildings of Singapore. But I didn’t know what was nearby, just 100 kilometers away, in the neighboring region! We just left and now we want to return here again!” shared Damir Nurtazinov, a tourist from Pavlodar.

“I have been to many regions of Kazakhstan. I visited Burabai, Aktobe, Oral. But I have not seen such beautiful places! The local forests and mountains are breathtaking! There are even bears! The fishing is beautiful! Nature also allows farming. A very promising area!” said a tourist from Aktau, Nurbol Baimagambetov.

Tourists from all regions of Kazakhstan want to visit another sacred place, Berel burial mounds. Travelers said that here you can literally feel the stream of history, immerse yourself in the history of the formation of the Saka kingdom and touch ancient artifacts.