“Tales of Europe” are translated into Kazakh language

“Tales of Europe” are translated into Kazakh language
Folk tales, legends, myths and proverbs of 27 European countries are available in Kazakh language now. European Union Delegation to Kazakhstan presented a book “Europa aleminde” (Tales of Europe). The collection involved some of the rare tales and stories about heroes, dragons, fairies as well as humorous stories. The book’s goal is to show an amazing diversity of the European countries’ folklore and to reveal the unity of the values of Europe.
“I am certain that readers in Kazakhstan will find all these tales familiar. Culture recognizes no borders and generates influences across continents and sometimes even beyond. We actually have much more in common than we sometimes realize, and to illustrate that is part of the purpose with this book,” said EU Ambassador to Kazakhstan Sven-Olov Carlsson.
It took about six months to publish the book that unites the cultural heritage of Europe. Kazakh artists drew the colorful illustrations to it.
“We hope that via our illustrations the readers will meet amazing characters of the fairy tales and immerse into that atmosphere of the medieval time,” said Galiya and Balkhiya Kussainov sisters.
EU Delegation will release videotales with Ambassadors of the European Union member states on social media every day.
The e-version of the book:
Photo: ees.europa.eu