Pink Lake Kobeituz and Blue Lagoon: unique places near Nur-Sultan attract thousands of tourists

Pink Lake Kobeituz and Blue Lagoon: unique places near Nur-Sultan attract thousands of tourists

Kobeituz, or as people called it, the Pink Lake, has become a popular travel destination for tourists from all over Kazakhstan. It is a two-hour drive from the Kazakh capital Nur-Sultan near the Yereimentau town. Every day, thousands of tourists come there to make beautiful photos against the background of the unique lake. Some enterprising people learned how to make good money on this phenomenon – they started organizing mass tours to the Pink Lake Kobeituz. Such tour may cost 6,000 tenge (US$15) to a Nur-Sultan resident. However, many people try to get there on their own. Nur-Sultan resident Anna Mutovkina is among them. She decided on a short trip with family and friends after watching the alluring advertisement on social media.

“Currently, this place has become extremely popular. We too wanted to see such a beautiful lake and not miss the moment, because this phenomenon is quite rare and the lake turns pink only once in a few years. We traveled on our own car. We totally loved it! The most important impression of our trip is that the lake really is pink. It is extra-ordinarily beautiful. First, we saw the lake from afar, while driving along the steppe road. Children were delighted, and so were the adults,” Mutovkina shared.

The Kobeituz Lake, a pure phenomenon of nature, is indeed striking in its beauty. Many tourists not only take selfies there, but also take salt and mud baths. Neither scientists nor environmentalists have conducted serious research there yet, so it is too early to speak about the healing properties of the lake.

Experts say that the lake acquired a pink hue due to the presence of the marine microalgae ‘Dunaliella’ and a huge amount of salt. It feels just like the bags of salt were poured there.

Here is the life hack from the experienced travelers, if you are thinking of going there already in the near future: the hotter the weather outside, the more saturated the pink color of the lake. If you want to witness the beautiful views, it is better to go there in the afternoon by lunchtime and in sunny weather.

The Pink Lake Kobeituz is not a discovery of this year. Local residents have long noticed the unique lake. However, it became a huge trend only this month. Many people even started holding professional photo shoots there. They come there from all over Kazakhstan.

“Tourists order wedding or love story photo shoots. This experience is very cool, unforgettable and romantic. No filters are needed – the landscape itself does all the work for you. The demand for the photo shoots is great, so we drive there and do shootings. Our clients are very satisfied - they visited nature, enjoyed the beautiful landscape and got gorgeous pictures,” said a photographer from Nur-Sultan Marlen Alimgazin.

Another location that the Nur-Sultan residents love is the ‘blue lagoon’. The body of water, which is located three kilometers from Nur-Sultan, has become a popular place for photo shoots. More and more often, Kazakh residents start posting on their social media pictures with a beautiful landscape and azure water of this place.

“Of course, we went there in order to make beautiful photographs. We were a little curious to see the place that stirred such an excitement among the local residents. We wanted to take a look at it. We decided to drive there though we knew the road very roughly. On the Alash highway, where there is a hypermarket, we turned onto the northern bypass road and drove right along it, then before reaching the Ondiris street we turned onto the steppe road, which was already knurled, so we drove along this very road, made a few circles, but finally found that very blue lagoon,” Nur-Sultan resident Moldir Abdikhalyk said.

However, not everyone knows the secret origin of the Kazakh capital’s blue lagoon. Researchers say that the lake was formed on the site of an inactive quarry. The water could get an extremely beautiful color due to the discharge of waste from the silicate brick production. Experts are sure that swimming there is dangerous.

“There were a lot of people. Everyone came for a photo shoot. The view was beautiful only when we focused our attention on the reservoir or the rocks. As for the rest, it wasn’t impressive. There was a lot of garbage and the dump was nearby. Photos might turn out very beautiful if you find a good angle. If you want to have a picnic there, it is not the best idea,” Abdikhalyk added.

Still, those who cannot resist the desire to replenish their photo gallery with new pictures should not forget about the danger of the spread of coronavirus. It is highly important to remember that when travelling with large companies everyone should follow the sanitary rules, including wearing the protective masks and keeping the physical distancing. The requirement is reasonable. Daily, 6 tourist buses arrive in the Kobeituz Lake alone, not to mention the private cars.